My Birthday is Fast Approaching 🎂

Hey hos…its that time of year again!!  MY BIRTHDAY🎉🎉🎉  All My loyal bitches know you save up ALL year for the Goddess Trifecta…Christmas (dec 25) My birthday (jan 24) and Valentines Day (feb 14).  That means you dig deep in those wallets and SPOIL ME for those special Goddess Holidays.  Druggie Andrew already kicked it off by sending $200 for My weekend island getaway.  Good job bitch.  he still LOVES to sniff poppers and send Goddess cash 🤑

Look at this loser with all his drugs ready to SNIFF sniff for My amusement.  he loves to get high for Me and shop while I laugh at his pathetic ass.  I OWN this bitch for over 10 yrs now.  Druggie Andrew has spent over $50k all these years and is dying to spend even more!  oink oink🐽

Don’t worry…you hos can help pay for Goddess’ trip too.  The MORE the Merrier.  you are allowed to PAY in the following ways:

#1 Send paypal directly to My travel agent (best and fastest option)

#2 Send cash to Goddess directly (ask Me how)

#3 Buy Visa gift cards from My wishlist (prime shipping ONLY)

Pull out that wallet and get to shopping and spending.


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