Hey hos…yes yes I am back! 🐷

All of your begging and pleading worked…especially the cash 🙂  If I don’t get the respect I deserve I will say bye to you bitches for good.  your lives are nothing without Me so you better show some appreciation.  Cash  gifts 🎁 and submission keeps Me happy.

Don’t you forget it!


Anywhoo….I have a new piggy in the UK.  This one here is really PATHETIC.  Just how I like them.  Dumb pig has been begging to be exposed and to be My new piggy ho so finally I greed.  Look at the piggy nose lol…sad I know.  My pig ho likes lipstick too.  We shall see if he goes all the way and really becomes a REAL ho for Me.

Dumb dumb gave Me his personal email too!  KEVINM876@AOL.COM

Send him a quick note lol

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  1. Goddess, since You left the blog i felt sad. i deleted all pics, my email acount, skype account, everything about You trying to forget You, but i couldn’t. Then i typed your web address and found that clip, that pic of your legs crossed with your holy feet covered by a pair of burgundy boots, and i fell on my knees again.

    Thank You, Goddess

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