BBC Whores 🍆

This is your wife or girlfriend LOSER!  
Look at this white slut going crazy for that BIG BLACK COCK!!  
you can only DREAM of fucking a woman like this…

Awww Cute lil Message from lil Dick

i love You Goddess. i always will be yours, a glimpse at your beuty bring me on my knees always. i would rather lick the soles of your shoes than kissing any other woman lips

lil dick

I Love My New Summer Polish 💅🏾

My old bitch used to be virgin college boy slave freakboy came back to chat with Me.  I watched this white boy grow up from green teenage slave to grown man bitch 🙂  I’m so proud.  After going out in the real world trying to be a man by bitchboy came back to Goddess.  Of course he is still a virgin and dreams of panties and cock that will never change.  After we did a bit of catching up,v he couldn’t wait to shop on My wishlist.  My whiteboy quickly bought all the new nail polish on My list just in time for summer.  I love the colors so much I added even more!  Thanks whiteboy

Do you like the new color on My pretty Goddess toes??  It’s so feminine and cute.  My whiteboy honky bought Me these sexy Calvin Klein heels.  I LOVE My bitches….they keep Me looking hot all the time!  Don’t feel left out HOs, you can shop for Me too…

wimp is MIA

wimp in the UK has gone missing!! you bitches know I hate most of all when you hide or try and disappear.  My wrath when you return will be merciless.  I pity you wimp…you know better.

Druggie Andrew

Look at this LOSER!!! Isn’t he pathetic? Dumb white bitch LOVES to sniff poppers so much now his dick shrank.  There is nothing there…not even a dicklet.  A baby has a bigger dick than him.  It’s gross actually.  Nasty sad and pathetic.  Druggie Andrew is addicted to poppers and will do ANYTHING to sniff them for Me.  When he is high out of his mind he pays My bills and whatever else I tell him to do.  I love to take advantage of him…and his wallet 🙂  Now this loser pays My car note the first of every month and will do whatever else I can think of.  Afterall, he has no cock so he is utterly USELESS.  Now Andrew is definitely the biggest lil dick loser of all.

look at this shit!  this should be illegal

My Favorite New Candles

Ahhhhh the wonderful aroma of My new favorite candles!!!  My house smells AMAZING.  So wonderful so sweet so RELAXING.  They only carry them at Marshalls and TJMaxx they are the best!  Sissyfag bought Me a gift card so I can stock up on a few.  Don’t get jealous can buy Me some too.  CLick HERe and SPoil Me loser 🙂

Booze Delivery from White bitch

My white boy personal slave is a liquor distributor and was more than HAPPY to make a special delivery to Goddess.  He brought all of My favorites and dropped them off at My doorstep while I was out getting a pedicure.  My white bitch is becoming quite useful.  This is enough booze for a party!!! Thanks bitch