Icy Toes

brrrrrrrr its Snowing in Atlanta UGH!!!!  I couldnt resist walking bare foot in the soft ice with My pretty blue toes… pedicure paid for Tampafootbitch 💋kiss kiss loser



I am your Property please abuse my worthless Ass!!!! … tampafootbitch 👣


I would have to agree.  these warm cuties were PAID FOR by My new footboy in 2018… he lives in tampa so I call him tampafootbitch👣 First he contacted Me on Niteflirt sending some silly email saying hello.  I immediately ordered him to My footboy wishlist and this bitch went NUTS…shopped til he dropped. My new footboy also gladly paid for a new mani pedi too!  THANK YOU loser.  There are still more coming!! I can’t wait.  There is nothing like a weak white boy spending and SPENDING cuz they know they a bitch!!

Do whatever it takes!  Go broke from Me boy…

new shoes for goddess

he bought these wedges too 💚

First New Slave 2018🐷


thank you for talking to me and letting me serve You.
You understand what type of slave i am, and what i need to do.
You know what’s best for me, and how much i need a Boss to direct me.
You are so beautiful and i am so unworthy. thank You for letting me pay You.
i am ready to move to Atlanta, and devote me entire life to Your happiness.
i am a loser, and need to serve a Winner like You.

Christmas Boots🎄🎁👢

OMG😍 these lovely boots came as a SURPRISE for Goddess.  They are AWESOME!!  I let honky get a peek on skype today and he nearly LOST his damn mind.  whiteboy had to beg borrow and steal to get Goddess more BOOTS.  he came up with Amazon dollars so I could buy more.  Don’t worry its not too late…you can buy Me boots too!  I added more to the Christmas List…Thanks bitches😚

Goddess LOVES Giftcards

Woohoo keep it coming white boys…you know Goddess LOVES giftcards.  Thanks for the $60 white bitch from UK working in China the original lil dick from 10 yrs ago.  Haven’t heard from this loser in yearssssss well of course he is back and dick is small as ever!  Pathetic is the word. he still knows his place tho…at the feet of Goddess 🙂

Another piece of shit drunk loser in Germany is back getting wasted weak white pussy he is.  I will gladly take your cash bitch.

The rest of you bitches lacking not happy with you right now.  My Christmas list awaits BUYMEAGIFTLOSER

🎄Master LOVES the new PS4 for Xmas🎄

THANKS LOSER!!!!  I absolutely adore the holidays because My boys ALWAYS cum through.  I keep adding to My Christmas Wishlist and you bitches keep buying. Oink Oink muthafucka🐷🐖🐽

10 years pimpin you HOs and you know I’m here to stay taking cash and gifts from ALL OVER THE WORLD! Don’t get left behind ignored or dismissed.  I just added new socks…so get to shopping bitch🎁


Shopping at Ulta 💋💅

😍😍😍  Goddess had free time today so I stopped in ULTA Beauty to select new beauty products.  OMG the lady was sooooo helpful and picked out some great stuff to keep My perfect Black skin Gorgeous.  Black don’t crack especially when I start using these new goodies.  I added them to My Christmas Wishlist so you boys can buy for Me fast and easy 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving oink oink 🦃🍂🍁🐽

Hey piggies 🐖 I know you will be full and FAT today stuffing yourself oink oink.  Enjoy your day bitch and don’t eat too much.

As always… can Show your THANKs for Goddess.  your appreciation white boy is to go to My CHRISTMAS wishlist 🎄🎁🎀💕

I add new shit everyday and you bitches will BUY it. My gifts are going going gone… who will be next ??

My favorite hair treatment from jerseyboy ooh la la😍 he LOVES to jerk his dicklet and shop for Goddess. I OWN him forever.

Nike bitch

Air force ones from jerseyboy too💕