Who Am I

I am your Owner, a true Ebony Goddess, Dominant Black Mistress, Pimp of ALL HOs, Losers, Slaves, Sluts, and SissyFags. I treat you Bitches like Shit and you Love it! You seek Female Dominance in your life because you are natural born SLAVES…addicted to Domination, Female Supremacy and Financial Control.
I am your MASTER. An exceptional Ebony Queen that demands Worship, Obedience, and for you bitches to kiss my Black Ass. You will go BROKE and BEG for more. I am Spoiled Rotten and adore humiliation so get your toys and dildos so I can Blackmail, Extort, and Manipulate you. Run now if you can’t handle Ball Busting as I squash you like a bug you worthless Whiteboy Bitch. Financially ruin is inevitable. mind and taking control making you my robot is easy. Penetrating your weak little brain and taking control is my specialty. I am an Intelligent Ebony Domme who is smarter than you tricks. You will become my robot awaiting my every command…ON YOUR KNEES!
You seek Servitude, I provide guidance. You are nothing without me. I give you purpose. I will train you, mold you, and treat you like the PIECE of SHIT you are! ¬†Humiliation, makes me laugh. ¬†Manipulation gives me leverage. ¬†Extortion makes me rich! ¬†Blackmail gives me POWER. ¬†I am an expert in all of these areas. ¬†No need to fight it any longer. ¬†Your fate is sealed….
Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am classy, sassy, beautiful, witty and one BoSSY BITCH! Educated at a top University, schooled by pimps and hustlers…my training is REAL. ¬†Having lived in LA, Oakland, Miami, and now Atlanta… I am experienced and well exposed. ¬†A Perfect mix of Cali flavor, Southern comfort and Miami heat… I am All real. REAL TITS REAL ASS REAL BOSS BITCH. No boob jobs or implants here…100% Dominant Strong Superior Black Mistress Bitch.
Time for you to submit…you are dying to serve. ¬†Just don’t beg me to BLACKMAIL you because I will with NO mercy just ask Slave Cal!



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  1. This is my purpose, to worship gorgeous, dominant, ebony queens like your self. I belong underneath your pretty ebony feet.

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