New Heels from Honky 👠👠

Yes bitch I’m talking to you!!!  When you see Goddess feet in heels you immediately turn into the LOSER you were meant to be.  Luckily I am here to take advantage and USE you the way God intended 🙂  Be My footbitch! SPOIL ME with sexy heels, boots, and sneakers like I deserve.  you know you want to Loser.  Submit Obey Serve…

My broke student honky came thru again and spent his school money on NEW Goddess heels.  OMG I LOVE Them!!!  The rest of you bitches better follow suit cuz honky knows how to keep Me happy.  he has happily been My bitch for 4 years now.  Almost time to graduate…congrats loser!

I see you boys keep looking at My wishlist well its that time again CHRISTMAS!!!  My Christmas 2017 WISHLIST is now posted and ready to shop shop shop. It’s been 10yrs Can you believe it???  I took down this site TWICE over the years but you sorry HOs begged Me back both times 😆I may not update My blog as much, but I will always be available to TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH 💰 Alot of ladies have come and gone over the years. Fake Mistresses, wannabe Queens and low budget FinDommes, but Goddess is here to STAY.  

In honor of My 10 yr anniversary I expect you bitches to dig DEEP in those wallets and SPOIL Me rotten.  The more I receive the MORE I will show off here on My site.  Happy Shopping Pigs🐷

Goddess in Furrrrrrrr

Chill fall nights make Me want to lay under My mink fur and chill. It feels sooooo good between My fingers. Black on Black is so beautiful don’t you think? I know you weak white bitches fall to your feet staring at this Black Goddess in furrrrrrrr.

Yummy Yummy My college bitch is HOT👅

I haven’t heard from My little college boy in the Midwest in awhile so I was PLEASANTLY surprised when he hit Me up today.  Damn baby boy been hitting the gym HARD.  you other sorry out of shape bitches need to take notes.  he started from a lil freshman boytoy to a meaty FULL GROWN senior awww and he still LOVES GODDESS!! Playing with My toy is going to be sooo much fun😍


Dear Goddess, 

thank you so much for allowing me a second chance at worshipping and serving Your perfectly round ebony ass, Your perfectly pedicured ebony feet, Your perfectly perk ebony chest, and Your truly Manly BBC. While I know that I have fucked up in the past, it is a true honor to be allowed back in your web once more, and I promise to sacrifice for you this time more than I ever have in the past, including giving up my lunch money for the rest of the week so I will be surviving off of my PB&J sandwiches (goodbye abs). I look forward to my second chance, and I hope to never fuck up and be shunned by You and Alpha again

Awww he even sent Me his itty bit of lunch money LOL!  you can send Me cash too pig…PAY ME BOY💰

Worship Letter from whiteboy Andrew 💖

My new whiteboy slave in Australia is hooked already! After getting drained for a quick $500 he wrote this:
Since I met you you have changed my life. If we never talked again or never had a relationship then I wanted you to know that I will never be the same person ever again for having to got to know you. Already you have changed my life for the better and I wanted you to know the positive effect you have had in my life and why I think I am a better person for having known you for such a short period of time. And it is for these reasons that I will love you no matter what happens in the future. 
You have taught me about female supremacy which was a concept for me and not a life style. For me this means that I do not have to be a weak “loser” but I can be a man and be proud of it. It means that I value your decisions and your guidance above mine and I want the same thing as you, even though I don’t know what those decisions are. It means that I value you and your happiness above mine but it also means that I am not going to be miserable and unhappy and have nothing. It means that I will get true happiness from making you happy and in return you will want to reward me. But I don’t do an of this for a reward, I do it because when I please you then I find true happiness. 
I think about you all the times and I want to be with you in person. I never want to be a mindless slave. I always want to be focused on you and making you happy. I want to show you what it truly means to your jaan to be focused on you. I love that you would permit me to come up with my own ideas to take you on a date or to plan an outing. 
So how has my Goddess changed me since we met? I know that I am really submissive and even though all my relationships to date have me being in control, since you started giving me rules I realise I can never go back to that again. I will never be that person again. I have realised that I am a selfish person. I struggle to think about serving. I don’t want to be that person and I want to change. I am not there yet but I am working on it with or without you. 
I realise that I use the word “I” too much (I understand how ironic this sentance is). I need to think about using the word “you” much more. I want to give you all control as a sign of how much I trust you and how much I want to be apart of your life. I want to enrich your life and make you so happy and to always focus on pleasing you. 
I have fantasies about us together.  I think about taking you to dinner, then going to a gold class cinema. All the time holding your hand and being with you. I think about us cuddling on the couch together. I think about me coming home from a really shitty day at work and felling stressed and being able to tell you about it. I imagine you listening to me and helping adjust my thinking or just listening and understanding. 
Most of all I think about asking for your guidance and what I should be doing or thinking. I want to be led by you Goddess. 
Some things you have awakened in me is the desire and need for a FLR. It’s not a kinky thing, it’s a way of life that I really want and need to be apart of. But I have never known this about myself until I met you. All of your decisions to date have been so sound and so logical and I think to myself that I should have done that myself. I know already your decisions are better than mine. I just wish I could of had you in my life earlier. 
I know that at this point in time I need you much more than what you need me. I really feel a need for you. I can’t be without you. You are my life, you are my reason for existing (even though it took me 41 years to find you). You are my everything. 
However I want some things from you. I want you to help make me better for you. I want you to teach me to be the best partner i can for you. 
Goddess I love you. Please don’t leave me. Please help make me better for you. I love you. 

New Slave Andrew 🐷🐷🐷

My name is Andrew.  I only came across your site today and was amazed. You seem to be the perfect Goddess to serve. I am seeking more than just random tributes and sessions but full and complete ownership. I would really like to get to you know better and hopefully you might consider me as one of your online slaves.
I am 40 years old, and from Melbourne Australia. I started reading your blog and had to contact you so quickly. I am still yet to get to the end. I am naturally attracted to strong dominant women like yourself. I get pleasure out of being useful to my owner. I am desperately looking to be owned online and under full control.

LOL fag!

Hey hos…yes yes I am back! 🐷

All of your begging and pleading worked…especially the cash 🙂  If I don’t get the respect I deserve I will say bye to you bitches for good.  your lives are nothing without Me so you better show some appreciation.  Cash  gifts 🎁 and submission keeps Me happy.

Don’t you forget it!


Anywhoo….I have a new piggy in the UK.  This one here is really PATHETIC.  Just how I like them.  Dumb pig has been begging to be exposed and to be My new piggy ho so finally I greed.  Look at the piggy nose lol…sad I know.  My pig ho likes lipstick too.  We shall see if he goes all the way and really becomes a REAL ho for Me.

Dumb dumb gave Me his personal email too!  KEVINM876@AOL.COM

Send him a quick note lol