I LOVE My New Anklet💙👣

Thanks honky😘  I am having so much fun shopping with the weekly amazon gifts cards from My white boy honky.  he is a broke ass student but still manages to scrimp and save up for his Black Queen.  Great job bitch!  Keep up the good work ho and keep making A’s!

The rest of you boys too scared to submit are 💩

Goddess LOVES Gucci 😎

And Versace and Tom Ford!!! I get soooo EXCITED when you dumb bitches get ADDICTED and Shop til u DROP! you hoes lose your mind and spend spend SPEND! Summer is almost here and druggie sniffing andrew hicks in the UK bought ALL the designer sunglasses off My wishlist🎁

When Druggie andrew comes out to play you know poppers are involved lol. he is such a loser addicted druggie pig 🐷that loves to oink and PAY.  andrew has been sniffing poppers for yearsssss like seriously. I love it tho!  Makes him stupid shit and spend ALL his $$$. Thanks for the shades bitch.

Goddess LOVES Gift Cards😍

My little whiteboybitch honky LOVES to buy Me gift cards!! he made a promise to deliver $35/wk to Me EVERY week starting in March no matter what.  well loser did it…thanks bitch! keep up the good work. Even tho honky is a full time student with NO JOB…he still finds a way to honor his Goddess ❤ My broke student has been My bitch for almost 4 years now.  he has consistently paid his Goddess every week during the entire time!  Such great dedication and loyalty makes Me proud.  honky little tributes have added up to thousands$$$ over the years while the rest of you pussies do NOTHING. This goes to show that with hard work and dedication any whiteboy can be a good slave. There is no amount too small to please Me.  So…try HARDER bitch👦🏼

Look at this LOSER!

My Powerful Queen,
I am a financial/ foot slut
I am a weak useless Bitch who will beg to be verbally abused.
Your physical height …foot size…and attractiveness is what I crave.
What you think of this dummy?? All those muscles and still weak as FUCK!!  Soft pussy lame ass bitch just the way I like them.  😇

Tampafootbitch Buys more Shoes👠👣

These heels are SEXY as hell don’t you agree?  Leopard and chocolate go well together. lol. Thanks ho in Tampa

Order after order footbitch had a blast buying Me lots of new shoes. Heels, sandals, booties, you name it this bitch bought it.  oink oink

Red suede booties so sexy and sophisticated.  My perfect Goddess toes will look so hot in these!

Sandals with feathers fit for a Queen👑

I See you 👀

I see you boys from All over the world clicking and clicking on My site.  I see some of My old bitches too!  Lurking and reading page after page making your lil dick twitch.  Don’t  make Me call you out!  Give in loser…you know you want to.  Since I have so many admirers who love to click and click, I added new items to My Wishlist. 🎁  your welcum bitch!



Valentines Day Love 💘💘💘

Thank you wimp. 💋 Another surprise for Goddess. My weak white boy in the UK surprised Me with gifts from My wishlist. 🎁  100£cash, a visa gift card, face cream and brush.  Most of all I love the gorgeous silver necklace.  It is so shiny and pretty that I can’t wait to wear it when the sun comes out.  wimp ALWAYS finds a way to spoil Me no matter what is going on in life.   While the rest of HOs sit back on the sidelines doing nothing wimp comes thru. Thanks bitch.

wimp gifts